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Nickname: Nick
Country: United States
City: Atlanta, GA
Status: Active
Tribe: Urban

Nick and The Grooves

Hi I am a full-time musician based in Atlanta. I am proud to have been one of T.O.N.'s first members. I've made many friends since joining, and gotten my songs used in video games, iPhone apps, movies, and more!
I perform regularly with my party band, Nick and The Grooves. Off stage, I compose soundtracks and electronic instrumental pieces such as the ones uploaded here.
I also arrange charts and make sheet music! If you need professional charts of your songs, click the black "more" circle down below!

2013 single "New Life"
2012 EP "Adapter"
2011 single "Queen Of The Nile"
2010 LP "Year Of The Ox"
2010 single "Steal Me"
2009 LP "Live at Atlanta History Center"
2007 LP "Live in 2007"
2006 LP "Ripple"
2005 EP "Soundtracks & Trails"
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