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User Guide to Tribe of Noise

Tribe of Noise means music and respect!

With Tribe of Noise we try to connect musicians and music lovers from all over the world.

In this context 'musicians' can be: composers, text writers, performing artists, masterowners and other rightowners. We all have different taste and judge each other based on different cultural backgrounds. What we need is an attitude of mutual respect.

About us

At Tribe of Noise:
  • we believe in a world where creative spirits are optimally enabled to legally share their product with their public;
  • we believe that musicians must be enabled to complete their music in cooperation with fellow musicians from all over the world;
  • we respect record companies and collecting societies, but also the freedom of choice by musicians to make their music available in a different manner;
  • we believe that a composer is primarily looking for recognition.

Tribe of Noise is for and by music lovers

Don't forget that you too are a part of Tribe of Noise. Every user contributes to making Tribe of Noise a successful music platform. We therefore invite you to become actively involved.
  • Enjoy the music. Few things in this world are as universal as music. Through Tribe of Noise you can get in touch with music and musicians from all over the world. Enjoy all that creativity and make use of all the opportunities.
  • Your opinion counts! For musicians and music lovers, your opinion is important. Let everyone know about your musical discovery! Judge the music and say what touches you. Make music and share it with us!
  • A matter of taste, or actually unsuitable. On Tribe of Noise you may be confronted with lyrics that aren't to your liking. If you believe that lyrics are in violation of the Terms of Use, then flag the sound file as "unsuitable" in order to submit it to the Tribe of Noise staff. If the lyrics are not in violation, then simply listen to something else - after all, there's no accounting for tastes.
When a MP3 is tagged as unsuitable, we evaluate it to see if it adheres to our Terms of Use. Tagged sound files are not automatically removed by the system. If your sound file is removed after assessment, you can be sure that we've done that intentionally.

In our Terms of Use you can read why we don't allow some MP3's on our platform. This may have something to do with legal affairs, or with the way we interact. Read it again if your MP3 is removed.

Just keep this in mind:
  • Tribe of Noise promotes freedom of expression, but also respect. This means that we take firm action when lyrics are aimed at specific groups. We believe that hate, resentment and humiliation are irreconcilable with mutual respect.
  • Respect copyrights and related rights. Only upload music from which you own the copyrights and related rights (e.g. master rights)! This means that you should not upload music that you have not composed, created, recorded or acquired the rights to the music yourself, and that there are strict conditions for using material on this platform. Read our Tips about Copyrights for more information.
  • Threatening behaviour and violating the privacy of other members will not be tolerated at all. Anyone who misbehaves in such a way will be excluded from further participation in the music platform.
  • Everyone hates spam. That's why it's not allowed to post large quantities of non-related, undesirable messages, including reactions and private messages.
We don't intend to play supervisor all the time. We would like to occupy ourselves with the real reason for this site: music. And yet, sometimes it may be necessary to step in. So please take these rules seriously. Try to understand why they have been drawn up. Violations of the Terms of Use can lead to issuing a warning or to the cancellation of your account and removal of all your music. We decide whether your violation of the Terms of Use will lead to cancellation of your account.

Enjoy the music - Tribe of Noise