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Nickname: Jort
Country: Netherlands
City: Beverwijk
Status: Active
Tribe: Rock

Music Is The Language Of Us All

Hi, I'm Jort. I'm from Holland and I like music.

I hope you like the music I uploaded. It's by my bands/acts Yarn (ska-punk) and Bassa Klanka (poetry hip-hop also called pop-pop). You can also find my other (old) band on T.O.N. named Dainty Defiance (skate punk).

My current acts are Sweet Empire (punk rock) and Die Vers (full band Dutch hip hop crossover). I used to do D.R.I.E. (acoustic Dutch hip hop) as well, check out the links for those acts. They only link to Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp, but the thumbnails suggest otherwise.

Thank you for visiting! Let me know what you think or let me listen to your music. I love exploring new music.

Also, a big shout out to Tycho for the remaster of Yarn's She's Cool!
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