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Icon Name Message
How to get this badge? Member of the Week Not to brag but I was once a featured Member of the Week!
How to get this badge? PRO Artist My music is available for licensing on Tribe of Noise Pro!
How to get this badge? Heard by Millions My music is literally heard by millions in retail stores worldwide!
How to get this badge? Contest Winner I've participated in a contest... and I've conquered!
How to get this badge? Tribe Warrior Mega fan of Tribe of Noise? Yes, yes I am. I'm on a mission to spread the Noise!
How to get this badge? Peacemaker I competed to make the world a better place!

Member of the Week
For years now we reward a member every week and add their profile page on our home page, include an interview and publish a badge on their Tribe profile page. If you want to get this badge it means you should get the attention of our community managers so stay active and keep in touch!

PRO Artist
Tribe of Noise PRO is a ground breaking, royalty free, music licensing service designed to connect the creativity of talented artists with media professionals who are seeking great music for their projects. If you upload music to Tribe of Noise PRO our music supervisors will hand select the best tracks for PRO.'ll get this badge!

Heard by Millions
Tribe of Noise brings your music to a higher level by having your music played in stores all around the world. If your music is selected and placed within any in-store playlist, you get this badge and you will be heard by millions of shop visitors!

Contest Winner
Together with great partners, Tribe of Noise offers big opportunities for musicians with several music contests. Impress the jury with your tracks, receive this badge and win prizes like software packages and being highlighted to creative professionals!

Tribe Warrior
Are you a fan of Tribe of Noise and want to tell everyone about us? Become a Warrior and spread the noise through social media, video's, pictures, stories and blogs. We'll make sure we retweet, repost and reward your enthusiasm!

In cooperation with MasterPeace, we encourage our members to spread peace around the globe through competing in My Music MasterPeace competition. Eager to earn yourself the PeaceMaker badge? Submit your song!