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Nickname: MagellanMusic
Country: United States
City: Oklahoma City
Status: Active
Tribe: Rock

A brief bio

MagellanMusic is an independent Rock and Pop musical group that formed in 1975. They have produced 25 studio albums since that year, the last 6 on digital format. MagellanMusic is mostly known for diversity. They have featured nearly every genre of Pop music, including Folk, Electronic, Comedy, and Spoken Word. In their early years they were innovative by selling their recordings at live performances, as well as publishing newsletters, which is today standard practice for independent artists. MagellanMusic was also among the first to participate in the development of internet music in the late 1990’s, including the formation of MagellanMusic Enterprises as a private company and record label. MagellanMusic remains an active studio group based in Minneapolis and Oklahoma City.
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