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Nickname:   Bleeemo
Sex:   Male
Country:   Australia flag
City:   Melbourne
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Urban


Bleeemo Music
Bleeemo Music

Independent music for the minorities...

Web Presence

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7953 votes
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Profile Comments

CountrySingerSongwri (2046 days ago)

Hi, just wanted to thank you for the invite.  I will listen to your music in a bit, hope you'll do the same for mine.  Much success and God bless.



TombstoneBullies (2052 days ago)

hey thanks, new to Tribe of Noise, glad to have you as a friend.. tb.

deadsincebirth (2053 days ago)
hey, thanks for the add.  appreciate it Smile
iamnotlefthanded (2054 days ago)

Thanks so much for the kind words Smile  boats... is our favourite too Smile  Should have some new stuff in a week or two, just editing it now.


 - IANL 

Col82 (2057 days ago)

Pretty good. Thanx for the add. Check out my Fiances band Columba. Cheers.x

(2058 days ago)
great meeting yet another brilliant musician on Tribe of noise, wishing you all the best. Mark Emmins
REEBOSOUND (2058 days ago)
thank you!
iman (2060 days ago)
thanks for the add, love your noise!!!
fatkat (2062 days ago)

Thanx for the ad. Love your stuff...great jazz feel. Wicked ! I'll be back for moreSmile


All the best



fuori (2068 days ago)

Thanks for the add Bleemo!

Your interest is greatly appreciated.

I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from you- jazz, experimental and thrash? how much better can it get? Smile

logicalconfusion (2070 days ago)
Hi Bleemo, sorry for the delay in replying. Phase IV was recorded on 4 track analogue - transferred to pc using cool edit pro and the synths are from the Absynth programme by Native Instruments. Glad you liked it - your stuff is incredible and deserves every play and vote. Cool
RobReiken (2071 days ago)

Heya Bleemo


Thanks for the add request

I much appreciate

ALl the best with ya passion for music

Keep that dream alive to follow ya heart




BringItOn (2074 days ago)

I have actually never heard of them.. oh well. I'll check them out sometime! Is it hot in Australia? It was freezing yesterday. -50 degrees Celsius i think. I guess i should be used to it by now. haha

My week actually has been better, thanks. Hope yours is great too!



Emmett (2074 days ago)

haha thanks man, I'm actually too poor to afford any type of good recording at the moment...


Your stuff is good! Made my heart jump a bit seeing jazz and thrash together Wink

MattBray (2074 days ago)

hey man


few more votes and we can get you top 10. get you in the zone for that times square billboard. hell yeah!!



BringItOn (2078 days ago)

Have you heard of Bowling for Soup or Mariana's Trench? Avril Lavigne? I'm thinking the artists in Australia and Canada are different..


I havent had the greatest of weeks but i think it will look up soon.


I'm still stuck in highschool but i guess its not that bad. Basketball is starting up now and our first game is on wednesday. I am playing on the guys' team because there isnt enough people for a girls'.


Hope your week was better than mine! Grace

btcardy (2078 days ago)
hi bleemo thanks for adding me i like your stuff ritual of circumstance is a good track keep it up, youve got my vote Smile
BringItOn (2081 days ago)
I like all types of music. It changes with my mood. My favorite would have to be rock though. How about you?
BringItOn (2082 days ago)
I used to be in a band called K?. Now im just going solo. I live in Canada. You?
(2084 days ago)
You gots my vote Smile
BringItOn (2085 days ago)



Will probably be a while before i load any music.


You in a band?


Grace <33

0172 (2085 days ago)

thanks for the add,


jah bless!

clarckcunt (2088 days ago)

Hiya, many thanks for the add/request.

Best wishes for 2009!

fizermusic (2089 days ago)
CoolHappy New Year... thanks for the inviteSmile
thecreepingcharlies (2054 days ago)

Thanks for the add,  nice drums on six,.