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Nickname: zebraisland
Country: Estonia
City: Tallinn
Status: Active
Tribe: Electronica

Zebra Island

Forming in autumn 2011, Zebra Island is multi-instrumentalist Rasmus Lill and vocalist Helina Risti, now joined by Lauri Raus (guitars), Caspar Salo (drums) and Marrti Laas (bass).

The band’s music takes cues from dream pop and shoegaze – vivid vocals set against lively synths, beats and low-key guitars. Comparisons have been made to Beach House and M83.

A busy 2012 saw Zebra Island perform at many major festivals in the Baltics, support Zola Jesus at Palladium Riga, and sign a deal with Latvian indie, I Love You Records. Their debut album Saturnine was released in April 2013.
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