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In-store music
What is the in-store music service of Tribe of Noise?
Tribe of Noise is a leading content provider when it comes to in-store music. We offer individual shops, retail chains and outlets quality background music, without having to pay their national collecting societies. Our music supervisors are briefed by our clients or resellers and select the best possible music from the Tribe community for bespoke music channels. In the backend music is distributed via the internet to restaurants, stores, shops etc. Once a month our database will calculate your earnings based on the amount of songs you have in a music channel and the number of stores broadcasting these channels. Every month your generated revenue is added to your "Tribe Calculator".

What will this service give me and my music?
Two things: exposure & money! Not only will your music be heard by millions of shop visitors around the world, you get paid for being played!

Who will be listening to my music?
Millions of shop visitors all around the world! At the moment we're live at 7-Eleven, SUBWAY, Staples, Clas Ohlson and many more.

How does it work exactly?
You write and record great music and upload it to your Tribe of Noise profile. Our music supervisors listen to every song and will select the right music for our in-store music channels. Once a song of yours is used, you will see the "in-store" mark behind the title of the song in the player on your artist profile. When your song is used in one of the music channels, you will get paid via your Tribe Calculator on your account home. Next to this you will also receive the "Heard By Millions badge" to show off with!

How can I apply for this service?
After you've created your Tribe of Noise account, upload music to your profile via the UPLOAD MUSIC option.

Is it free to upload my music for this service?

Do I get paid?

We don't pay up front, but when your music ends up in our in-store music channels you get paid indeed! Your share is 42.5% to be precise. Here's an example of how you get paid: A few of your songs, for example five in total, are selected for a bespoke in-store music channel broadcasting at a large retailer with 1,000 stores nationwide. In this case the overall playlist contains 350 songs so your share is 5/350 = 1.43% The license fee agreed with this retailer is US$12 per month per play-out. So if 42.5% is shared with the Tribe musicians in this playlist and your share is 1.43% you end up with US$12 * 1000 stores * 0.425 * 0.0143 = 73 US$ per month

The more stores connected, the more music uploaded by you and selected by us, the more money you generate. So tell your supermarket manager, favorite clothing shop manager, hotel manager etc. to give us a call for in-store music featuring emerging artists like you!

When will I get paid?
As soon as the Tribe Calculator on your Tribe of Noise account hits €100 (~US$130)! You can then click the option to pay out after which you will receive the money in your PayPal account.
Make sure you use a valid PayPal email account in order to be paid out for the services.

I've registered my songs with a collecting society/publisher/label, can I still upload my music for this service?
Be careful. Probably not.

In many countries it is common for performance rights organizations (like Buma/Stemra in the Netherlands), record labels or music publishers to sign contracts based on exclusivity / your full repertoire from the past/now/future. Therefore they might not allow you to upload your music to organizations interested in a non-exclusive exploitation right only, like Tribe of Noise.

Make sure you are properly informed about their policies and your contract with them before you start uploading. Ask for the option to opt-out specific songs or a written statement that songs not registered with them are not part of the agreement. Good news: In those cases you as the rights holder have more flexibility to decide what to do with each song you own.

In any case, we don't want you to run into trouble because a 3rd party is limiting your chances of getting exposure / making revenue. So investigate your rights and/or contact us for advice.

I don't want my music in any in-store playlist anymore, what do I do?
When uploading music to Tribe of Noise we are offering you two options. The Creative Commons license or the non-exclusive exploitation contract. When you've uploaded the music to your profile under Creative Commons, the songs can always be used under this license. By deleting your account your music is not automatically removed from the playlists which could result in you missing out on payment for it. If you have a legitimate reason why your songs shouldn't be in the playlist anymore, please e-mail our Head of Music at

What about my rights?
You stay 100% in control of the musical rights to the work. By uploading to your profile you simply give us the non-exclusive right to make your music available and to use it in our in-store music service. Find more information about uploading to your profile under Creative Commons here.

What kind of music is used in the in-store music channels?
The genre varies per store and target audience of course, but we do only select the music with great sound quality. Make sure you upload the best mixed and mastered versions of your tracks!

I have a great song but it needs to be mixed/mastered properly, can you help?
Sure! Check out our Golden Ears option.

My question was not answered here, now what?
Sorry about that! Contact us at