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Golden Ears premier 32-bit mastering

Just $30/song - or ask about a FREE 1-MINUTE SAMPLE!

You have created a great song, but you know it can be better... Upload your song and ask our GOLDEN EARS Pro Team supervised by Diamondisc Audio to give you the necessary feedback or master the music file. It's about you, your song, your sound ONLY WAY BETTER!

Premier 32-bit Mastering includes the following:

  • "100% Listening Stage" to check your song files for problems (i.e. glitches, static, pops, tics, dropouts, noises, correct song sequence if applicable, etc.) and notify you of any potential problems.
  • Fully Mastered Stereo WAV files - including peak limiting and normalizing for each song, noise removal between songs (if applicable), start/end cleanup, fades, song to song leveling, & count-off removal.
  • Each song meticulously EQ'd (i.e. adjustment of Highs, Mids, Low Frequencies), Compressed, Peak Limited, Leveled, Normalized, etc. Customized to fit your song's needs!
  • Tube Compression/Multiband Limiting/Tube EQ - adds unbelievable warmth, punch and clarity!
  • Vintage EQing - from Pultec to Neve - the classic stuff! Great for almost any genre of music.
  • Each song mastered in 32-Bit Float Mode.
  • Tweaks and revisions post-mastering - in case you need something adjusted or edited (extra charge may apply).
  • High-res MP3 files or other file types available - made from your Mastered WAVs (extra charge will apply).
  • Your songs archived on our hard drives for at least a year (usually longer!), in case you need further tweaks.



Free 1-minute sample of your song mastered in Premier 32-bit so you can hear for yourself how great our process really is!
Upload your song file here. Make sure to put "Free Sample" in the MESSAGE box and also include your name and email address.

File types to send to us for mastering: WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, FLAC - pretty much any type of audio file, although WAV files are preferred. Bit rates can be: 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit. Sample rates can be: 44K, 48K, or 96K.