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Nickname: cjames
Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Status: Active
Tribe: Classic

Cy James Composition

Cy truly found his love for music in high school. Though he only began taking music courses in grade 12, with the help of his two incredible music teachers at Dunbarton High he was able to gain admittance to York University, where he completed a BFA in Music with primary focus on composition and cultural arts under such names as David Mott and Michael Coughlan. He then received his B of Ed from Queen’s University where he studied from Composer/Educator/Editor Benjamin Bolden.

Presently, Cy is a first year geography, history, music, and outdoor education teacher for Eenchokay Birchtick School in the Pikangikum First Nation community of North-Western Ontario. He is looking forward to a long career in education leadership.
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