About Tribe of Noise
Tribe of Noise connects musicians with media professionals and businesses around the world in need for high quality and all rights included music. Individual artists preserve their music rights and at the same time take advantage of the collective business deals, exploitation models and contacts facilitated by Tribe of Noise.

Tribe of Noise is a fast-growing online community which represents over 30.000 artists from 192 countries and supplies music (licenses) to the film, TV, video production, gaming and in-store media industry.

A tribe for musicians

As a musician you can either upload your music to your profile in the community (under a CC 4.0 by-share alike license) or to our Tribe of Noise PRO licensing platform (under a non-exclusive exploitation contract). What’s the difference? Read about it here.

Depending on the quality, your music can also be featured in our In-store Music Service. This means millions of people shopping and dining around the world will be listening to your music!

On our Contests / Opportunities page you will find several challenges that can get your music to a higher level. Get your music featured in our digital TV app, win your music on limited edition vinyl records and more!

A licensing platform for creative professionals

If you are a video producer, game developer, animator, creative director, brand manager or other professionals in need for original music for your project, you’ve come to the right place! No traditional stock music here, but music made by real independent artists. Have you always wondered why music publishers, collection societies or others seem to be in your way: Why not connect with musicians directly through Tribe of Noise? There are two ways you can find, license and directly download the right music:
  1. Tribe of Noise PRO; Premium collection of all rights included, pre-priced music from emerging artists accessible through Tribe of Noise's optimized search engine for media professionals. After finding the perfect track, selecting the right license and paying online you are ready to go. No royalties to collection societies or any other additional charges have to be paid afterwards.
  2. Tribe of Noise Community; If you like to search for talented artists / great music in our community and you are ok with the two Creative Commons 4.0 BY SA license conditions then this is the place to go to.

Team Tribe of Noise

We believe in a world where creative spirits are optimally enabled to legally share their product with their public. We believe that musicians must be enabled to complete their music in cooperation with fellow musicians from all over the world. We respect record companies and copyright organizations, but also the freedom of choice by musicians to make their music available in a different manner.

Hessel van Oorschot
Chief of Noise

Egbert Hendriks
Strategic partnership

Marko Roca
Head of Music

Keana Carreira
Community manager

Mischa Berger

Sandra Brandenburg
Founder, advisor