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Nickname: Kezmusic
Country: Germany
City: Stuttgart
Status: Active
Tribe: Urban

hiphop seems to be a quiet good thing

"to live and to work - I don't even know the differences"
The name "KeZ" stands for a unique relationship between a man his artform. Using rhyme technique and flows in order to express a state of thought, is KeZ's unique handwriting. Various music genres such as Hiphop, Pop or Electronica create a certain fundament for a diverse sound experience. Originating from Stuttgart, Germany, the sound is shaped by American influences, yet by European as well. Collaborating with international artists and the producer team "the Titans", KeZ is set with a solid base, allowing him to realize different projects, such as his landmark video "Far Away feat. Increez". This is just the beginning:
"I do need faith in what I do - yet, I need people believing in me even more!"
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