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Nickname: Gashunters
Country: Netherlands
City: Helmond
Status: Active
Tribe: Pop

Melodic pop-rock with edgy twists

Gashunters is a Dutch studio project with pivot songwriter Hans Geurts. The music is a mix of styles, based on melodic pop-rock with lite proggy and jazzy edges and twists. In lyrics the eyes are on the world and society, varied with personal reflections.

With a recognizable, own sound Gashunters conquers a position in Dutch progpop. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes blaming and shaming, always inspiring? Pigeonholing is useless for Gashunters does not sound like, but is certainly strongly Influenced and inspired by many great names and their music.

Find Gashunters? Google Gashunters!.

NOTE: Gashunters music is NOT free available for (re)use ...
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