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Nickname:   NathanBrumley
Sex:   Male
Country:   United States flag
City:   Cane Ridge
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Pop

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Nathan Brumley,
Somewhere in the middle ground between the raw gritty Bob Dylan-esque vocals and classically trained piano melodies lie two unsuspecting singer/songwriter/producers. Who would have guessed that two over caffeinated and under appreciated yet painfully caucasion men could go from writing/producing contemporary pop and Christian to churning out wall thumping hip hop grooves with interwoven rap and soulful vocals. It's been a transition they have been amazed at themselves, but a change that has been both fun and inspiring for them at this point in their careers.

World Cup brings energetic and powerful dancepop music to the table similar to current bands like LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas and Pitbull. They hope to bring their brand of party indie-rocking ...

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Profile Comments

markotribeofnoise (99 days ago)

Thanks for sharing new music!

markotribeofnoise (115 days ago)

Thanks for sharing new music!

Jessie (1228 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your tracks with us here, enjoy listening to them! Is there a European tour coming by any chance? Smile Keep up the great work!