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Nickname:   molo
Sex:   Male
Country:   Colombia flag
City:   Medellín
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Pop

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Songs for the streets and the roads and everything in between.
Arrow The first release by Molo is like a box full of surprises. 11-tracks fill up this album with songs for every mood, in English and Spanish, not typical for a debut album by a Colombian artist. A pleasant to hear, easy to enjoy artist. Arrow

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Profile Comments

denniA (1244 days ago)

Hello my friend

Been quite sometime but hope not too long Smile

I know you´ve been a busy body recording and writing. Wishing you a great weekend and can´t wait to hear some new songs ...


best regards



denniA (1691 days ago)

Hey Brother

Hope all is well with you. Did not have the chance to wish you a Happy New year, as I have been away for some time, but hope and wish you the best for this year and great success in the future.


Be good and speak soon



molo (1691 days ago)

Hey, Denni! Really nice to hear from you again. I've been away from the Tribe and working on other things too, so I've been a bit offline. I hope you started this year great and I wish you inspiration and spare time to develop your ideas. Let me know when you have new tunes. I'd be glad to listen.




lebronch (1717 days ago)

Hey Molo!

Saludos desde Venezuela hermano!

Un placer conocerte por aqui!

Excelente musica... Estamos cerca, asi que nos veremos pronto seguro!

Estamos a la orden para cualquier cosa aqui en Caracas!

Un abrazo!

Eduardo - Lebronch

denniA (2004 days ago)

Hey Brother, thnks for checking in Smile Been awhile. Currently working on some new tunes and just trying to relax alot. Getting ready for a hot summer.

How are you? Any new tunes in the works?

denniA (2031 days ago)

Hey Brother

Congrats on making the top Ten Smile Lets see you get the grand prize. Best of luck and best wishes. See you in New York Cool

MurrayBoal (2056 days ago)

 thanks for the add!

denniA (2047 days ago)

Hello there my brother. How is your weekend treating you so far? Hope it´s coming along beautifully. Just wanted to let you know I have two new tunes up... Shine and Summer Days. Give them a listen when you have a spare moment.


ciao my friend

denniA (2058 days ago)

Hey brother, thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, I´m down with the flu. But nothing major. A few days of rest and all will be well. Smile

Hoping to record some new tunes next month and am excited about finishing the Indys´ Songs CD.

Be good and catch you later





molo (2058 days ago)

Den, plenty of rest, please. You'll be up and running in no time. Please tell me when you have the new tunes ready.


Take care,


REEBOSOUND (2059 days ago)
hi molo,

thank you!


great songs!


you can download the reebosound album here: 


and a live album here: 


free downloads of course...

the album is also available on vinyl and cd Smile 




Emmett (2079 days ago)
Very nice man, congratulations on your first release. Love the sound of singing in spanish!
btcardy (2079 days ago)
good tracks molo, favourite is streets and roads it got a good beat to it keep it up Smile
donnka (2084 days ago)

You and Johnny Rei are my favourites! Really love the tunes! Keep up the good work.

(2086 days ago)
A belated happy new year Molo, have a good 2009 Very Happy
Someone (2087 days ago)

Hey MOLO i am feeling your music man, thanks for your comment on my page too.

Keep up the good work and staying having fun man.

Peace, J

SlyDiliGence (2090 days ago)

Thanx for the add Molo, happy New Year to you too! Great tunes btw, keep it up!



fizermusic (2097 days ago)


Thanks Molo for looking me up, hope your Christmas was awesome...



Jessie (2097 days ago)

Thanks for your comment Molo, Happy Holidays for you too! May the new year be filled with peace, love and lots of music!

molo (2098 days ago)

A big thank you to all my friends and everybody who have voted for me this week. It has been the greatest x-mas present!

Happy holidays to all.

molo (2098 days ago)

A big thank you to all my friends and everybody who have voted for me this week. It has been the greatest x-mas present!

Happy holidays to all.

altonetheshakers (2106 days ago)
cool music love to All from ...AL Stone
Jessie (2106 days ago)
My pleasure! I am glad you like it out here, hope it will bring you lots of great exposure for you and your music! I totally love your songs, keep it up and all the best!
ColourlessRainbow (2107 days ago)

hey Smile thank-you for the friendship, great to meet you. Thanks for the add Smile

T... (: x

maiko (2107 days ago)

Hola Molo,


Thanks for the invitation. I enjoyed listening to your music!


CodeX (2108 days ago)

thanks for the invitation, (and reminder Cool to check the tribe more often)


DanielOuellette (2108 days ago)

Gracias por hacerte amigos conmigo.




(2108 days ago)
Thanks for the request Molo Smile
Paz (2108 days ago)

De'nada amigo, speak soon, por'va'vor.... 


SCRITCH (2109 days ago)

hi molo,

thanks for the friend invite Smile

great songs you got here. u got a great voice n its different to what u would useually here. streets & roads is my fave.

keep rocking


Paz (2109 days ago)

Hola Molo, estupendo musica, gracias senor.



A1ArtistAlliance (2109 days ago)
I am very glad you included a track in the English language. Your voice is good and your singing is expressive. Nice work!
molo (2109 days ago)

Thank you so much!!! I have 5 songs in English. You can listen to the full album at


Big hug! 

clarckcunt (2109 days ago)

Oye, que tal?

Me gusta tu musica man!

Mucho respeto a ti!

Keep on rockin'



phildutra (2109 days ago)

Thank you very much!  I enjoyed yours as well!


Phil Dutra


Austin, TX

johnnyrei (2113 days ago)
Hey Molo - thanks for friendship and positive comment on my music - I like your music very much - keep it up and rock on!
Jessie (2114 days ago)

Hi Molo,

It's been a while, how are ya? You just uploaded some wonderful tunes, wow, Estoy Loco brings a big smile on my face. Keep up the great stuff and thanks so much for sharing!



Jort (2178 days ago)
Sounds really good!! Cool