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Nickname:   maudlinhounds
Sex:   Male
Country:   Norway flag
City:   Storsteinnes
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Rock

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The Maudlin Hounds
The Maudlin Hounds, hard rock powertrio from the northern Norway..

Formed: 2002.
HQ: Storsteinnes, Balsfjord - NO
Albums: The Maudlin Hounds EP (2003) Somersaulting (2006)
*New album, "THE ROARING SEASON", out now!

"The Maudlin Hounds" are:
Alf Vesterelv: lead vocals, guitars & keyboards.....
Tommy Granli: bass & vocals.....
Kenneth Sørensen: drums, percussion & vocals....

* * * *
A Norwegian three-piece, The Maudlin Hounds formed in 2002, releasing a self titled debut EP the next year, before a full length debut Somersaulting, which packed a Power-Pop punch, hit the streets in 2006. Now some six years down the road and TMH have returned with a heavier, if no less catchy and hook laden ...

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jodho (1077 days ago)
Just the link:
maudlinhounds (1077 days ago)
Hello Hello Jodho..  Cool!! Great!! Awesome!!  We loooove your video. Thanks for sharing it with us and for looking us up here on TRIBE OF NOISE. Cheers, TMH - Norway..
jodho (1077 days ago)

Hello Maudlin Hounds. Used your music in my video:


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maudlinhounds (1090 days ago)

  Greetings everyone.

We're The Maudlin Hounds, a hard rock/powertrio from the northern Norway. We hope you like our stuff and if you do, feel free to comment on our profile and tell us what you think. We really want to hear from you folks out there.

      Cheers and have a great day.