Project: Your Music On TV
Dedicated ToN contact: Marko

Project briefing

Background / overview:

Tribe of Noise is a leading music licensing company when it comes to innovative business models for unsigned artists. We are teaming up with technology and cable companies to bring your music to millions of living rooms across Europe, free of charge.

At the end of next year, an estimated 10 million TV sets will have access to the new Tribe of Noise TV Album App. This app will allow users to freely download a compilation album each month of our top songs from you, our beloved artists.

By uploading your original tracks below, you can participate in this exciting new project. Our music supervisors will listen to every single song uploaded and handpick 15 "winners" each month. Tribe of Noise will compile an album, design the art work and refresh the TV Album App with new content. People at home can listen to your music on their TV's and download the compilation album directly to their mobile phone or computer.

Objectives / purpose of project:

This opportunity is about three things: exposure, exposure and exposure.

And yes, all the winners will receive a direct link to the digital compilation album so you can share the album with your family and friends too.

Music briefing

A perfect match:

Music that fits the TV Album App:

Definitely not:

No explicit or offensive lyrics, copyrighted samples or loops.

Upload quality:

We need good quality audio — MP3 format (320k, 256k).


  1. Log into Tribe of Noise and go to your "account home" page
  2. Click on "UPLOAD MUSIC"
  3. Read the conditions carefully
  4. If you agree start uploading your music

Our team will listen to every individual song — that is a promise.


We promise you, as a potential winner, a huge audience in Europe and a digital version of the compilation album to share globally. Since this is a innovative new way for emerging artists to engage with "people on the couch" we will definitely use this showcase at music industry conferences and any other event where we can showcase the app, the winning musicians and over time the success stories!

Looking forward to listen to your music...

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