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Nickname:   ceedav
Sex:   Male
Country:   United Kingdom flag
City:   Weymouth
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Pop

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Chris Davies
Singer, guitarist and songwriter Chris Davies is a very accomplished performer who has appeared all over the world as a soloist and band leader. In the US he sang in front of thousands at Madison Sq Garden whilst in his native England he has presented his material at the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena and hundreds of other venues throughout the U.K. Chris has also featured in several local and national T.V. and radio shows. Continental theatre and university audiences have been entertained by him in Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia and Bucharest. His talents have taken him to Dubai in the Persian Gulf where he was honoured to sing with the great Motown Legend Martha Reeves; on a cruise to Australia where he performed at the Sheraton, ...

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Profile Comments

elstribeofnoise (556 days ago)
I really love the music! Got any new material to share with us here?

If you have any questions regarding the tribe, let me know!

By the way, check out the poll on my profile. I'm currious to your answer!

Kind regards,
Els Bond
Community Manager
Tribe of Noise

molo (2100 days ago)
I wish you a music-filled year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
johnnyrei (2117 days ago)
Hey there - thanks for being a friend - you have my vote - hope you like my songs - don't forget to comment and vote! have a good time!
ceedav (2080 days ago)
Chris has just uploaded a song to mark Pres. Obama's inauguration
Jessie (2150 days ago)


Thanks for your message. I had a listen to your tracks, great music! Nice sounding songs, can easily bring you in a very positive mood! Although the weather is ugly here today, listening to your songs makes me think the sun is shining! Smile Would be cool if you'd like to share some songs here at Tribe of Noise as well!
Keep up the great music! Smile


ceedav (2150 days ago)

Thank you for your lovely comments, Jessie. Actually the sun really is out here so gonna go out and get some rays!Cool


Take care