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Nickname:   Secret-weapoN
Sex:   Male
Country:   Netherlands flag
City:   Tilburg
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Electronica

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Music is my Life!
Secret weapoN, also known as Valentijn de Bakker, started his career as a young boy at the age of thirteen. He was into gaming and got himself a new console. With this new toy he was able to create sounds and tracks in a musical game. This was the start of his interest in music. After a long time of playing this game, he didn’t really saw a serious career coming up, so his interest got away and he discovered the fun of playing basketball with friends. He was a fanatic player and his skills made his team often win when the chance was big that they would lose. They all called him the ’secret weapon’. While playing basketball weekly with his friends, some of the boys came with the idea to start a rap group. Valentijn was enthusiastic about ...

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Profile Comments

markotribeofnoise (675 days ago)

That´s some proper loud music! Thanks fro sharing!




Head of Music

Tribe of Noise 

Secret-weapoN (675 days ago)

Thanks! im still figuring out how everything works but im starting to like it just like i like soundcloud! ;D also great that i can take the uploads from my sc to here its much easyer that way!