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Nickname:   RMPHANTOM
Sex:   Male
Country:   Netherlands flag
City:   maarssen
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Classic

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hi all my name is rob meijer.
born 1973 in the Netherlands
i played guitar in a dutch metalband (ancient curse) 1990_1996
after that time, I have been very busy with music at home as a hobby.
but I hope someday to record an album in a studio or to be working with someone on a musical project.
I started composing in 2013 I recorded everything at home with an old midi keyboard (m-audio keystation49e).
I had that thing forever stored in my closet i never used it untill last year.
I am amazed at what you all can do nowaday with a midi keyboard just amazing.
making intro's or instrumental tracks always fascinated me.
intrested in my work ?
please let me know i am currently unemployed.
so any,band,group,recordlabel or company dont hasitate ...

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markotribeofnoise (185 days ago)
Hi and welcome to Tribe Of Noise!
Thank you for sharing your music. We are looking forward to hearing more!
Please take your time to check our MUSIC PRO and our current Contest pages - we think it may be really interesting for you.
If you happen to have any Tribe related questions, please feel free to ask.

Marko Roca

Head of Music
Tribe of Noise