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Nickname:   Princecharmin
Sex:   Male
Country:   United States flag
City:   Burbank
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Pop

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Charmin' the world ear by ear!
Hailing from Chicago, Britt Wynn was formerly writing for Master P and Lil Romeo’s No Limit group. He is now a solo artist, writing for himself gracing the airwaves with his own musical style and showmanship. He took on the name Prince Charmin’ and evolved into a diverse artist developing his craft. He is never locked into one style of writing. His style ranges from catchy pop dance tunes to a more darker/fierce writing arrangement. In any style, Prince Charmin’ keeps your blood pumping and your feet moving. Prince Charmin’ is realizing that his dreams are reachable. What he sees is coming together like a puzzle, reaching his marks one step at a time. To Prince Charmin’ the sky’s the limit and he’s looking right at it like a goal ...

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markotribeofnoise (706 days ago)

Hi and welcome to Tribe Of Noise!


Thank you for sharing your music. We are looking forward to hearing more!


Please take you time to check our MUSIC PRO and our current Contest pages - we think it may be really interesting for you. 

If you happen to have any Tribe related questions, please feel free to ask.



Marko Roca

Head of Music
Tribe of Noise