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Nickname:   HansTroost
Sex:   Male
Country:   Netherlands flag
City:   Soest
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Roots

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Hans Troost
As a multi instrumentalist I worked with theatergroups and many small ensembles doing folk(rock), baroque, improvisation.
I like a loose mix of music. Sounds from nature and authentic musicians are my inspiration. In my recordings I prefer complete 'first' takes, using almost zero editing.
Music should always sound inspired and live! Enjoy my musical space!

Other buziness: Pianotuner - String (mainly bowed) Instruments Repair at
Offering Information on Hearing and Hearing Protection - Offering Zem Hearing Protection & new 'studio quality monitor' Zem Headphones at
Film: impact hearing damage for musician:

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Profile Comments

Evert-Jan (709 days ago)

Hey Hans - Really good - thanks! 





(1473 days ago)

Hey Hans!


Bedankt voor je vriendschapsverzoek.

Ik heb net even wat nummers beluisterd en..wat een heerlijke muziek! 

I enjoyed listening Smile






Jessie (1511 days ago)
Welkom bij Tribe of Noise Hans!
Wat een mooie nummers heb je geupload, thanks for sharing! Smile 
RubXProject (1513 days ago)

Hoi Hans,


Goed om je hier te zien! Vond het ook heerlijk om vandaag samen te spelen. Ergens volgende week weer?