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Nickname:   3monkeys
Sex:   Male
Country:   Ireland flag
City:   Dublin
Profile Status:   Active
Tribe:   Electronica

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3 Monkey are Flintlock&Geomic
Flintlock(South Africa) and Geomic(Ireland) currently residing in Dublin. From The Olde Dock Studios they love producing all genres of house music from the very deep to the more uplifting progressive and musically chilled. With their ever popular Deep Sessions Mixes they love to explore the different sounds and emotions of the EDM scene.
Turn up to have a little dance or just chill.


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Profile Comments

Bigd (97 days ago)
Loving the guitar on El sol 
markotribeofnoise (169 days ago)

Great to hear your new music on Tribe! Thanks for sharing!

Welcome back,
Head of Music
Sharonc (299 days ago)
Hey 3 Monkeys, absolutely love the vibe and production..You guys have a winning recipe.Love it!
raveneyemusic (477 days ago)

Loving your work Smile

Thanks for sharing!

1mpulsive (1149 days ago)

wonderful electronica sounds Very Happy



Jessie (1612 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the new tracks with us - great stuff! Smile 
coreywebb (1671 days ago)

I'll be in Dublin soon! I'd love to meet you guys.



coreywebb (1686 days ago)
Monesque (1764 days ago)


Thanks for adding me

Good sound

Kind regards

mobody (1773 days ago)

How are you doing? I hope everything is ok. If you have time, check out my tracks.

bryanvanostheim (1892 days ago)
Nice tracks! like it very much
NDUproductions (1899 days ago)
Nice sounds lads keep up the good work.Darren ( ndu productions ) scotland  
A1ArtistAlliance (2085 days ago)

Wishing you peace, harmony and much succes in 2009.

--- Lewis

Disco (2101 days ago)
yo just listened to solar flare. epic stuff. good work!
3monkeys (2101 days ago)

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it.


johnnyrei (2107 days ago)
Thanks for being a friend and sharing cool music - enjoyed it! hope you enjoy mine
CosmicD (2128 days ago)

Thanks much for the friend invite! Hopefully we can play some music together somewhere, sooner than later. 

edhat1 (2129 days ago)
Great tunes, nice one!
MikeWilliamsonMusic (2129 days ago)

Great dance tunes! Thanks alot for posting!

Mike W.

JahOfYork (2130 days ago)

'Elevated' is my favorite!! BRAVO...Keep it up!



Nick (2131 days ago)
Hi, what's happening this weekend?  Cool song "Horizons," keep it up!   ~Nick
hessel (2133 days ago)

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One of your tunes is available as ringtone to help you to promote your music even more, cool huh!?


Pass it on!! Send your friends, family and colleagues your ringtone!!

SCRITCH (2142 days ago)

awesome dance tracks guys! TUNE after TUNE! Smile "josh wink" meets "tiesto"


hessel (2196 days ago)

You guys are our Tribe Members of the week!!

Great work!  

puppetwomanoftavira (2203 days ago)
Hi 3 Monkeys, love your music
rosadelia (2203 days ago)


thanks for sharing and I wish the three of you a lot of succes in your musical and personal life.


Rosa Delia Rodriguez. 

(2210 days ago)
I like your tunes!
Jort (2212 days ago)
Nice songs! Thanks for sharing!